The Phavior Adelic (D/F)

the Phavior Adelic (USA)


This 8-piece band is probably one of the most spectacular funk / soul acts in Germany. The cast is exceptional: Fabio Nettekoven is the 20-year old youngster, band leader and composer. From his early youth he played countless instuments moving around between blues, funk, soul and latin he succeed putting together this high-profile international band in 2011.

It all began with a meeting of two musicians in New Orleans. Fabio again enjoyed the U.S soul metropolis and by chance met Judy Spellman, daughter of the legendary Benny Spellman, well known internationally since the 60s with R‘n‘B hits such as" Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) "or “Fortune Teller", at the famous „Le Richelieu Hotel“ in the French Quarter. Fabio, fan of Benny Spellmans music, entered into a lively chat with Judy - both not knowing that this conversation is the foundation stone of a new band across generations, countries, continents and limits.

Inspired by common grounds and passion for New Orleans Fabio organized a meeting in Germany with fellow musicians. The result is a professional line-up from Germany, France and the USA filled with enthusiasm.

Fabio, the young band leader and guitarist, turned out to be a sensitive songwriter and gifted storyteller with a deeply personal touch and character. Phavior Adelic formed its own riff-driven funk and retro-style big-band soul in the tension between New Orleans funk, soul african and tropical beats. Judy Spellmans genuine voice is mellow and powerful at the same time, blending in with the untamed strains of brass and rhythm, a powerful voice and winning personality.


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